woody harrelson carnage venom

A couple months back we ran a rumor that Woody Harrelson of the upcoming ‘Solo: A Star Wars Movie’ was going to be playing Carnage in ‘Venom’. It sounded like he would be going up against Tom Hardy in the film or be introduced at the end for a possible sequel, Now, a new rumor is doubling down on the previous one though it doesn’t confirm how the character will appear.

The first rumor had Harrelson being introduced as Cletus Kasady and only coming into contact with Venom at the very end of the movie while in prison. Bleeding Cool claims that the site “has been told in a very confirm-y way that not only is Carnage to appear in the upcoming Venom movie but, yes, he will be played by Woody Harrelson.”

There are no details on the source or how much screen time the actor could have here. While some might be averse to news published on April 1st, Bleeding Cool has reportedly stopped posting April Fools Day jokes a couple of years back. On top of that, playing such a sociopath is right in Harrelson’s wheelhouse as well as anyone who has watched ‘Natural Born Killers’ can attest to.

For those unfamiliar with Carnage, he is the mix of a symbiote which spawned off of Venom combined with the serial killer Cletus Kasady. The rumor has Sony’s new venture being a more adult universe that would merit R-Ratings across the board and that is just about the only way introducing Carnage could make sense. Honestly, it is a shocker that he is even active in the Marvel Universe at all with how dark the character is.

Do you feel that this new revelation is confirmation on Harrelson’s character in the film or will ‘Venom’ use the actor in some other capacity? Would you be thrilled to see Carnage introduced to Sony’s new Spider-Man Cinematic Universe which doesn’t even feature The Wallcrawler or does this feel like yet another stab at a franchise that Sony won’t be able to get off the ground? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!