So that is how Trish is the one to shoot Alisa in the head while the woman was riding the Ferris wheel with Jessica, the death sudden, violent, and tragic, which is saying something considering this was the “villain” of the season. Jessica is heartbroken and confronts Trish below, with Trish saying it HAD to be done, and not seeming to be feeling much regret as she feels she saved Jessica. They hear cops arriving and Jessica tells Trish to run, clearly going to take the blame herself as she also takes Trish’s gun, and she climbs back into the Ferris wheel with her dead mother. The cops arrive to find Jessica grieving over Alisa, with Costas grateful that Jessica got the job done, and telling his men to stand down, as they were still wary of Jessica, with their guns pointed at her.

In the episodes closing sequences, Malcolm cleans himself up and puts on a new suit, and presents evidence to Hogarth which allows her to blackmail her partners to get a much larger buyout than they had offered, and also allowing her to take all of her clients, which were about 62% of the firm’s business. Malcolm then takes the job with Cheng, who is now working for Hogarth, so Hogarth gets a PI trained by Jessica (even though she always wanted Jessica’s services, this is the next best thing), and Hogarth begins to set up her new firm, assured that despite her ailments, she is not going down without a fight.

Malcolm and Jessica see each other in the hallway but say nothing as clearly their relationship is not going to be fixed anytime soon. Jessica also runs into Trish outside her unit, and tells Trish that even if Alisa had to be killed, it did not have to be Trish, because now she longer sees her sister, all she sees is the woman who killed her mother. Basically, as of now, the Trish and Jessica relationship is irreparably damaged, and there is nothing Trish can do to fix it. She got to be a hero but it cost her Jessica. Fortunately for Trish, as she is walking away she drops her phone and somehow manages to catch it on her shoe, which she then flips back up into her hand. Somehow, it appears that Malus’s surgery might have worked and given her some kind of abilities, as her reflexes seem to be greatly enhanced.

And lastly, Jessica. After foiling a poorly planned liquor store robbery with a well-aimed bottle to the head of the criminal (and not even getting a free bottle of whisky as payment from the shopkeep!), Jessica finally decides to take Oscar up on his standing invitation to join him and Vedo for dinner, and she walks in to eat with the family. The events of the season finally giving her some clarity and closure and allowing her to indulge the idea of a normal life and a normal relationship with Oscar and his son.

Not the most action-packed finale we’ve seen on a Netflix/ Marvel show, but it was still pretty intense, and dramatically very heavy. It is a little disheartening that Jessica is on the outs with all the important people of her life (Malcolm and Trish), but nice to see her sit down to that dinner with Oscar and Vedo, and try to find some semblance of happiness after everything she went through, especially as that is exactly what her mom wanted for her. As for Trish, I’m hoping her new powers give her some perspective and she comes back next season a bit more of a hero, and less of a glory-hog. Even though she did end up taking out the villain at the end of the season. I am highly suspicious of her motives (did she just want to play hero?) and agree that she should have known that it was a choice Jessica could never forgive her for. Lastly, I hope Malcolm does not become an unbelievable tool working for Cheng and Hogarth as I felt at times he was the moral center of Jessica’s team and without him in Jessica’s life, things seem a bit off-balanced. I want to see him back working with her in some capacity in the future.

Well that’s it for ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2! Hope you enjoyed the reviews and I’ll be back writing more Netflix/ Marvel reviews in June when ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 premieres! Until then, leaves your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!