Josh Dallas

For anyone wondering what Josh Dallas has been up to this season since he retired from his role on ‘Once Upon a Time’ as Prince Charming, it seems the man has been shooting a pilot for NBC called ‘Manifest,’ a show which some are calling a potential new ‘Lost.’ This is ironic considering that Dallas just finished his time on ‘Once Upon a Time,’ a show on ABC produced by many of the same creative forces as ‘Lost,’ and with many ‘Lost’ Easter eggs hidden throughout (i.e. The Numbers, Apollo bars, cast members, etc).

Dallas will be playing an intelligence analyst named Ben Stone who is a bit of a control freak (A-List personality type), who, similar to Jack on ‘Lost,’ struggles with things he cannot control. In ‘Manifest,’ it seems Ben’s biggest challenges are his young son’s cancer, and a strange and mysterious voice he hears in his head all of a sudden. The main story beyond Ben and his family involves a plane full of people which mysteriously disappears (sound familiar?) and then pops back up five years later, with none of the passengers aware that any time had passed. It seems the show will deal with the aftermath of these people going back to their families and trying to pick up the pieces of their fractured lives which they did not even realize they had lost 5 years of, all while trying to figure out what happened on the plane to make them lose that time. How this ties into Dallas’s character Ben Stone we are not sure yet, but it sounds like good television so far.

According to sources over at Deadline, the show is executive produced by Robert Zemeckis and Jeff Rake, who will also be writing the pilot, and directed by David Frankel (also an executive producer). As of this writing NBC has only ordered a pilot for the series but with such an intriguing premise, there is potential it could be picked up for the season, but whether people really want to commit to another show like this after we’ve already had ‘Lost’ and ‘The Leftovers’ is anyone’s guess, as audiences might be a little tired of strange mysteries, disappearing people, and the drama of families broken by supernatural occurrences. But who knows?

Sound off below if you think this is a show you would give a chance to!