If you love killer dolls then the news from writer Don Mancini that a ‘Child’s Play‘ television series is in development should have you thrilled! Mancini didn’t just create the Chucky franchise but he also ended up directing ‘Seed of Chucky,’ ‘Curse of Chucky‘, and ‘Cult of Chucky’ which was released last year. The last movie ended in a way which could see the series continue! In fact, the closing of the film had always been planned to launch the new show as the idea was “deliberately set up at end of the last movie.”

Not only that, but we learned that the 8 episode series will have a tone that will be “dark and disturbing.”

How dark exactly?

“We plan to use Child’s Play in the title. We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before. It’s going to be very creepy.”

The focus of the title is to indicate that we’ll once again have a child or even children being tormented by a killer doll. Also, Brad Dourif is set to reprise Chucky once more!

Producer David Kirschner confirmed that the series will be a continuation and not a reboot. He also spoke a bit about the 30-year working friendship the pair have had:

“I don’t think there’s a relationship that lasted this long. I’m incredibly excited about the series and to explore a world in which we’ve never done before.

Don has taken the franchise in a wonderfully frightening direction. He seems to outdo himself every time.”

We’re pretty much getting the equivalent of either eight stand-alone mini-movies or an 8-hour epic that tells the tale of Chucky. It will be fun to see if this is their grand finale or if they want to continue future seasons and movies after this comes to a close.

Are you excited about a ‘Child’s Play’ television series? Will Chucky be your friend till the end or are you already sick of this killer doll? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting