Stephen King Wants Dick Wolf To Make 'Law & Order: Vampire Squad'

When you think of TV crime procedurals it is hard for ‘Law & Order’ to not come to mind and Stephen King agrees. In fact, the acclaimed author has an idea in mind for series creator Dick Wolf to interact with his genre by pitching ‘Law & Order: Vampire Squad.’ The franchise is no stranger to spin off, so this isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, though likely not an idea that I’d hold my breath to actually see this happen.

Here is how the idea came to life online:


I’m not going to lie. I love the idea and would likely watch it religiously. However, what could it be about? One fan asked King that and got a simple response that gets directly to the point!


Another fan came up with a great intro to the show which also shows that while vampires are being hunted, they won’t just be taken down by humans as:


King was openly in support of the idea and agreed with it right before another spinoff was pitched!


Some fans have even already begun to cast the series:


There are plenty of vampiric detectives out there and even police though nothing entirely in this style. Unless you count novels, anime, and other such mediums. Plus, with Dick Wolf on board, it could be twice as fun of an idea to see play out on the small screen.

It isn’t like this would be the first time any of the actors from any of the ‘Law & Order’ shows ended up playing vampires either. Perfect examples would be Ice-T in ‘Bloodrunners‘ and Christopher Meloni in ‘True Blood’.

Would you be interested in checking out ‘Law & Order: Vampire Squad’? Do you think King’s idea has a chance in Hell of ever happening? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly