The initial fanboy and fangirl reaction to the news that Disney was acquiring 21st Century Fox was met with glee as geeks envisioned a live action cinematic world where the X-Men and Fantastic Four finally “came home” to interact with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy just as they did in the comics.  But then as the last of that confetti fell, the realization hit that not all of Fox’s offerings were that bad.  What would happen to the existing X-Men universe, especially ‘Deadpool’?  The most logical move on Disney’s part would be to simply scrap everything and reboot the FF and X-Men anew safely within the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Does that mean a PG-13 ‘Deadpool’?  Things grew more murky.

Some began to assume that the ‘X-Men’ universe as we knew it was drawing to an end.  But for now, at least, there is a glimmer of hope that all of Fox’s plans won’t simply be thrown out.  Discussing Film has tweeted an inside reported that one of Fox’s existing projects is still on track, business as usual– Drew Goddard‘s ‘X-Force’ which will spin out of the upcoming ‘Deadpool 2’.


Fox has had an ‘X-Force’ movie in the works for a number of years, with their previous version being scrapped.  But after the success of ‘Deadpool’, a new version was conceived with ‘Cabin in the Woods’ director Goddard attached.  With main ‘X-Force’ characters Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) being introduced in ‘Deadpool 2’, ‘X-Force’ is the most logical next step.

Reportedly, Disney is not interested in watering down ‘Deadpool’, since the first movie was such a huge hit.  Why mess with success?  It’s entirely possible that the ‘Deadpool’/’X-Force’ films will simply continue on in their own R-Rated pocket of whatever universe they wind up in.  That also makes you wonder if maybe Marvel will keep the ‘X-Men’ out of the Marvel Universe, smashing some fans’ dreams.

Are you relieved that ‘X-Force’ is moving ahead as planned?  Or are you worried that we might never see Wolverine and Captain America fighting side-by-side?