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Did you feel that there wasn’t enough of the bromance between Poe and Finn in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’? If so, you should be happy to know about at least one deleted scene that will likely be making it to the Blu-ray, at least it better! These two are hilarious with Finn’s outright hero worship of Poe who was the first person to ever treat him as more than a number.

The details of the scene came from editor Bob Ducsay:

“There’s a scene where Poe first meets up with Finn after he’s sort of recovered. And this, it goes right before Leia slaps Poe. After they come out of hyperspace. And it’s really just a buddy scene. And he basically is bringing him up to speed. And it’s a really, really good character scene. And the only reason it’s not in the movie is just because of time. I really love that scene. But it’s the sort of thing you can just put in, you go ah that’s good. But there’s nothing we took out of the movie that shouldn’t be taken out of the movie. Because the thing is ultimately you put this thing together and it’s the screenplay of the movie and then you go yeah, okay, so now we’re on this new stage, which is now we have to tell the best story, which isn’t everything that’s in the screenplay or everything that was thought of.”

It sounds like something we’ll hopefully be able to see down the line as it could have been fun. When a scene is only removed from time constraints and is still praised it tends to be something to look forward to. However, Duscay didn’t just share details about this scene but how a separate scene with Poe and Finn ended up being changed around as:

“There’s one scene that we had to move. It’s a kind of a small scene. But it’s a scene with Poe in the hallway. And he’s talking to Finn. And if we were able to move the scene from here to here, it made it better. But where the scene actually took place was in a different, was in a place it couldn’t take place to be in that spot. Because Poe wasn’t on the bridge yet. And we wanted it to be earlier, right? And so we mocked it up and we did it. And what we did was we reshot that moment. It’s a tiny, tiny moment. It’s not the sort of thing you’d ever think, why would you reshoot that? Literally the only reason we reshot it is because we moved it. And it now had to take place in a different place. And he’s walking down a hallway and he’s talking to Finn on the communicator. And that’s an example of the sort of thing that happens in post-production on films like this. If you’re able to do such things. Because obviously on a smaller film you can’t afford to do that, because you just live with the structural problem. Anyway, it’s fascinating because it’s really wonderful the things that you can do in post. Like that. And it made the movie better because we did it. It made a, it’s all, like if you were to take this chunk of the movie and all we did was remove this one thing, take this chunk of the movie, it’s exactly the same length as it was before. Except it feels faster. And it’s just because the scene is in the right place now.”

From everything described there, it not only makes sense that it was moved and edited but that if the original version had been left in that it just wouldn’t have felt right.

Do you hope either of these scenes make it onto the Blu-ray when it is finally available? Would the first scene described have brought any value to the movie or just made it longer? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film