Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

The current DC televised universe, particularly the large shared “Arrowverse” going on throughout the shows on the CW network, have featured an ever-expanding cast of the comic company’s characters.  Many folks, in fact, think that the TV version is doing things far better than DC’s current cinematic version.  Fans always wonder, though: who else from the printed page will be showing up on the small screen?

At the ACE Comic Con in New York this past weekend, ‘Arrow’ showrunner Marc Guggenheim was asked this very question during the DC TV Q&A panel (that was a lot of initials right there).  Specifically, Guggenheim was asked a direct question about comic fan favorite characters Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and whether these two characters may ever appear in the Arrowverse.  To his credit, Guggenheim gave a fairly direct answer:

“I will say, both those characters [Booster Gold and Blue Beetle] are characters we’ve talked about. Originally Ray Palmer, who was introduced on ‘Arrow,’ he was supposed to be Ted Kord [the Blue Beetle’s alter-ego], and we went another way. So, you know, Booster and Blue Beetle, all the ‘B’ characters really, we’re always talking about, but nothing I can announce or speak to at the moment.”

Sounds like there may already be some irons in the fire there.  For those unfamiliar with the comic versions of the characters: the Blue Beetle has been a long-time DC “secondary” character, ever since the company purchased the rights to the character in 1983 from Charlton Comics, who acquired the character from Fox Comics after his debut all the way back in 1939.  Booster Gold is a DC in-house original, created in 1986 as a futuristic hero that travels back in time to seek additional fame and glory for himself.

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