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WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD for ‘Thor: Ragnarok!’ Do not read on if you have yet to see the movie!!

So for everyone who has seen the latest ‘Thor’ film, you know that after being cast out of the Bifrost by Hela while in transit to Asgard, Thor ends up stranded on Sakaar, where he is captured and taken to the gladiatorial arena overseen by the Grand Master, who wants Thor to fight his champion. But first, the Asgardian prince must be “processed,” which includes getting shorn of his golden locks. And this is where we get the famous MCU Stan Lee cameo in ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’

Stan Lee comes out as the old man barber, with knives instead of hands, who tells Thor to “Hold still! My hands aren’t as firm as they used to be. I don’t see very well.” At first, Thor bravely tells him to stay away, but then is more scared and begs the man not to cut his hair, but we all know how it turns out, as Thor is sporting a new haircut for the rest of the film. It is yet another brilliant and hilarious cameo for Stan Lee, and a unique one as he actually does something to impact the movie instead of just showing up in the background (although I do not know how it will factor into the theory of the man being a “Watcher” in the MCU since they are not supposed to get involved). Either way, kudos to Stan Lee as always for being game for whatever the filmmakers come up for him to do to get his cameo into the movies.

Recently, to have fun and help promote the movie, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane (who most folks know as the founder of Image Comics and the creator of ‘Spawn’) tweeted out a video re-enacting the scene from ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ with McFarlane playing Thor and being held down, while Lee approaches him with a pair of scissors, using the same dialogue he did from the film. You can check out the full video below, with McFarlane trying to act scared even while desperately trying not to laugh at the absurdity of it all.