Blade Runner 2049

First of all, SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you have not yet seen the amazing ‘Blade Runner: 2049’ as this will definitely ruin the ending for you!

So for those of you who have seen the film, you know how it all ends. After the twisty and beautifully crafted narrative, we finally see Deckard reunited with his daughter that he left behind decades ago, while K lies down in the snow (ostensibly to die) after delivering Deckard to his daughter. The whole film leads up to this point, only according to screenwriter Hampton Fancher (who was also one of the writers of the original ‘Blade Runner’) while speaking to the LA Times recently, this is not how the film was originally going to end. In Fancher’s own words:

“In my script, Deckard died at the end.”

Fancher even went on to the tell the LA Times that he had a different job for Deckard in the sequel that was “kind of horrifying” but does not reveal what exactly that job is, because with Deckard surviving ‘Blade Runner: 2049,’ there is a chance for another sequel in which Fancher’s original idea may yet happen. Sadly, it seems the ultimate fate of Deckard seems to have been passed on to Ryan Gosling’s character K, who seems to die at the end of the film, though his fate is a question many people seem to have coming out of the movie.

In fact, according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-screenwriter Michael Green claims he is surprised by how many people are uncertain as to the final fate of K in the film:

“I was surprised to find out that anyone thought he didn’t die. And I can say this: the non-casual fan might recognize the music cue that plays in that moment.”

Green is actually alluding to the fact that the music played at this moment is the same cue from the scene “Time To Die” with Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford from the original ‘Blade Runner,’ which should pretty well confirm that K is dead.

What are your thoughts on the original plan to kill Deckard in the sequel? Did you think K was dead at the end of the ‘Blade Runner: 2049?’ What did you think of the movie overall? Share your thoughts in the comments below!