Spider-Man: Homecoming Gag Reel

If there is one thing that makes it worth buying the DVD or Blu-Ray home video release of one of the MCU movies, it is the bonus features that come with it. And one of my favorite features has always been the gag reel, something that has been a constant on MCU home video releases for years, and continues with the release of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 7th (with digital going on this week). Luckily for you, the gag reel has already hit the internet, and after some work, we have posted it below, so you can check it out in all of its glory.

There are a number of great moments, from everyone on the cast, though some of my favorite moments have to be the beginning, where Tom Holland uses Peter Parker’s iconic catch phrase to explain why he cannot just abandon his responsibilities to the “Stark Internship,” another moment where Tom Holland quips that Liz’s parents are great because they let her have a party while his “are dead,” Chris Evans trying to get through one of the Captain America PSA bits and bursting into laughter at the goofyness of it all, and almost anything with the character of Ned, who has great screen presence and seemed like he was a lot of fun to work with.

I also really enjoyed the physical gags, as it reminded me just how many physical stunts were done on this movie, as Spider-Man is a lot more of a physical character than some of the other MCU heroes (well, more acrobatic at least) and they show a number of bloopers where he is on wires, or sliding into walls, or jumping around, making me think about the work they put in to show off his agility in the movie. The video is definitely worth a watch until you get your hands on your own copy of the Blu-Ray (or DVD), and once you do, make sure to share your own favorite moments in the comments section below!