The Marvel Cinematic Universe in film form has seen many more hits than misses, and the same can be said of Marvel’s televised fare so far as well, although the small-screen offerings have usually not been as lauded as the big-screen fare.

One of the more recent entrants to the televised world of the MCU is the soon-to-premiere ‘The Inhumans,’ which will open with a special IMAX theatrical premiere before moving to ABC on a weekly basis.  The initial trailer for the series has left fans largely underwhelmed, with complaints focusing on the lack of visual flair and a seemingly missing attention to detail in the characterization of the various team members.

In a recent panel interview, show Executive Producer Jeph Loeb took the opportunity to address some of the concerns, speaking about the visual presentation of the show and its ability to have the premiere episode shown on IMAX screens:

“[It’s] simply extraordinary, and should be seen on that screen. I can tell you that the show you have seen is not the finished product, so if you’re asking me whether it’s done, it’s not.”

Another of the show’s Executive Producers, Scott Buck, was also on the panel, and he spoke specifically to the representation of the character Karnak (portrayed by Ken Leung) as seen in the trailers thus far:

“Karnak has the ability to see the flaw in anything and everything, whether it be a person, a building, anything, and everything. Unfortunately, what this does to Karnak as a person is everything is flawed, so nothing is good enough for Karnak.”

Loeb also took this opportunity in the panel to jump in and reiterate his former statement:

“What you’ve seen so far is something that’s unfinished. Once you’ve seen the whole finished product you actually do [understand].”

In another part of the panel, Serinda Swan – who portrays the living-and-mobile-hair dressed character of Medusa – took the time to speak about how her hair will literally “come to life” on-screen, even if the trailers haven’t shown much of it just yet:

“It’s very heavy. You put it on and everyone is like, ‘You’ve such good posture, you’re so regal,’ but no, my head is being pulled backwards. There were definitely days shooting in Hawaii with a four-pound red wig down to my shins, which felt like a very warm cat settling on my head, one that I was probably allergic to. [Showing this wig live-action has] never been done before, so there are going to be issues. There are going to be trials and tribulations. I think there was software that actually had to be built with it. If we only did things that were perfect, we would never start, and so it’s a really phenomenal start.”

Fans don’t have too long to wait and judge for themselves.

‘The Inhumans’ hits IMAX theaters around the country for its premiere on September 1, 2017.