power rangers

The original ‘Power Rangersmid-credits scene was going to be a bit more action packed then what we ended up seeing. Writer John Gatkins and director Dean Israelite recently shared on the movie’s audio commentary what they had in mind and there was a fight involved. It still involved the character who was name dropped but would have been gone in a slightly different direction.

If you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t want to have a spoiler for what did happen, you may want to turn back now.

For those who saw the movie, you’ll remember that we ended the film with all of the kids in detention. As the teacher who is watching over them does a roll call, there is a familiar name mentioned as Tommy Oliver is called but is not there. We also see a jacket with his name on it laying over a chair.

The original scene which had been cut also had a Tommy name drop. Gatins states that:

“Well we were going to have that there was a brawl in the lunch room and a couple of our kids saying:

“Man, what happened?”

“Dude there was this violent fight. There’s this one crazy kid, the new kid”.

“Which kid, Tommy Oliver?”


So you would have felt like Tommy dropped into their world.”

We still wouldn’t have seen Tommy yet though the scene was changed for one primary reason according to Israelite: “It didn’t work to be in this cafeteria where we had only spent one second [of the movie] in.”

We still don’t know if a sequel will get the green light, but those who love the franchise are probably dying to see who will be cast as Tommy Oliver and see how he’ll become the Green Ranger in the film.

Did you prefer the original cut scene for Oliver’s introduction or did the detention work better for you? Do you hope that a sequel to ‘Power Rangers’ will hit the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book