con man

‘Con Man’, the web series developed by and starring Alan Tudyk, has been a regular presence at San Diego Comic Con ever since the success of its initial crowdfunding campaign two years ago. In years past, the show’s panel has typically included  footage from its upcoming season, but things were a bit different this time. In lieu of teasing a new season, the centerpiece of the panel was the announcement that the show would had been acquired by Syfy, who will be bringing the first two seasons from the internet to the airwaves.

While ‘Con Man’ is often described as loosely autobiographical, it is perhaps more accurate to say that the show takes cues from Tudyk’s own experiences rather than using his own life as an explicit basis. The show follows Tudyk’s character Wray Nerely, an actor best known for playing a pilot on a cult sci-fi series (sound familiar?) as he travels on the convention circuit. It also features Fillion as Wray’s former co-star, who’s own star has risen considerably in the intervening years, in addition to a wide variety of guest stars.

To date, the series has been distributed online through a variety of streaming services, with the first season airing on Vimeo and the second through Comic Con HQ. Of the Syfy deal, producer PJ Haarsma had this to say:

‘Con Man’ is a show that everybody needs to see. Comic Con HQ did a great job, and we were very successful there. But I had always dreamed of a bigger audience. Tudyk is so talented and so funny, he just wanted the world to get a piece of that humor. So with this new thing coming up I think we’re finally going to go from thousands to millions.

‘Con Man’ stars Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Mindy Sterling. Though a third season was not announced at the panel, Haarsma confirmed that the possibility was very much on the table, noting that “Depending on how well it does, hopefully it will be picked up for more.”

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