Hercules Wrath of the Heavens

What happens when you take Hercules and let Jean-David Morvan write a tale of the character with artwork by Looky? A dark and violent tale that looks like it is going to be an absolute blast to read! Hitting comic book shops on August 16th, 2017 we’ve got an exclusive look at the first issue of ‘Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens,’ a five-part series which Titan Comics is dropping on us.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the idea of “Ancient Greece meets GEARS OF WAR” but now that I’ve seen these pages I’ve got this on my pull list and can’t wait to read the first issue. My only fear is that this will be too good to fill just five issues. With this taking place on the “galactic frontier,” there is going to be plenty of fun science fiction technology and weapons to really dig into the book with.

Below is the initial three covers of the first issue. The first is by Walter Simonson (which is actually my least favorite of the three) while the next two are both by Looky:

Talk about a great way to draw in readers! However, we all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover so let’s take a look at these two exclusive images from inside the book! The first one has what looks to be ‘Gears of War’ styled technology in a ‘Mad Max’ kind of an environment.

Next up we get a fight scene and while we’ve clearly got some alien tech being used it seems that this alien beast is going down in an old fashioned gladiatorial kind of way!

If these aren’t enough to whet your whistle, you can check out the trailer below!

Ancient Greece meets GEARS OF WAR in this stunningly illustrated, science fiction retelling of THE LEGEND OF HERCULES by multi-award winning writer, JEAN-DAVID MORVAN (Wolverine: Saudade)!

Issue 1 comes with a stunning cover by industry legend WALTER SIMONSON (Thor)!

As war rages across the galactic frontier, one half-human, half-god super-soldier faces his greatest enemy – his own demons – in a bid for truth and redemption!

Honestly, the folks behind ‘Gears of War’ might want to look into this as a new game to follow up their classic with to give us a new franchise.

Wat are your thoughts on the first look for ‘Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens’? Will this be on your pull list?