show piecesLove him or hate him, Alan Moore is one of the most creative geniuses of our time and he now has a new anthology film which is set to premiere on Shudder on June 29th.

Moore has more than made a mark in the comic industry with his works ‘The Watchmen‘, ‘Batman: The Killing Joke,’ and ‘V for Vendetta’ among others and his new movie is set to bring us something completely different. The film is being directed by Mitch Jenkins and will be a five-chapter “multi-layered film” that is being described as “a tapestry of madness and murderous misdeeds intersecting to form an original noir thriller.”

Color me interested. This is also Moore’s first work which was written specifically for the screen and is not an adaptation which doesn’t have his oversight. As he is done with writing comics, it could mean that this is a new direction for Moore’s creative output and may even mean that we’ll be seeing more movies penned by him down the line.

You can check out the trailer for the film below:

The series is set in Northampton, UK and has five stories that work in conjunction to weave a greater tale. Oh, and in this otherworldly tale mostly set in a gentlemen’s club that isn’t quite that gentle, we’ll also see Moore himself making an appearance on screen as a character.

The first act follows Faith Harrington who is a newspaper reporter with a private life who has a special night planned at his home that doesn’t quite go as intended. The second chapter focuses on James Mitchum who is a womanizer that walks into the wrong bar. The third follows Faith again at a club. The fourth is set around the two owners of the club. Finally, the fifth will have James heading to an unimaginable afterlife.

We’ve also got two stills from the film which you can check out right here:

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Show Pieces’? Do you think this could signal a switch from Moore’s work moving from print to film or is this a one-off? Share your thoughts below!

‘Show Pieces’ premieres exclusively on Shudder on June 29th, 2017!