While not a direct sequel to ‘American Gods‘ we do know that Neil Gaiman‘s ‘Anansi Boys’ is set in the same world and fans have to be wondering if a spinoff could be created or if the events would somehow be added into the show. Unfortunately, there isn’t quite a simple and straightforward answer to that. The book follows the two sons of Mr. Nancy who will be portrayed on the TV series by Orlando Jones so it would seem like this could be quite an easy spin-off or season long sub-story which could be pulled off.

However, that is unlikely to happen at any point soon. Not only are we an episode into the first season, but according to Neil Gaiman, the rights aren’t held by the team which is currently making ‘American Gods’ for Starz:

“The rights to Anansi Boys are currently elsewhere, they’re with a couple of UK production companies … who have been working on putting it together for the BBC for a few years. What will happen there remains to be seen. I hope they get to make it, if they don’t, probably the rights will wander back here unless someone swoops in and decides to make a movie of it first.”

Back in 2014, it was announced that Red Production Company wanted to do a series and had the rights though there has been no real traction since that happened. However, if they don’t make it with BBC, we could see the rights revert to Gaiman and likely to Starz if that did occur.

If a spinoff to ‘American Gods’ were to happen, the very first choice would be to do an  Anansi Boys adaptation if co-showrunner Bryan Fuller had any say in it:

“If we ever get the rights to Anansi Boys, that will be the first spinoff of the show because Orlando is so fantastic and deserves his own show. That character is so rich and has such a giant history that if we are so successful that we get to have a spinoff, [Anansi Boys] would probably be our first choice.”

While a spinoff for Jones could be interesting, the one hiccup there according to the actor is that in ‘Anansi Boys’ “Mr. Nancy’s not really the focus of it, more the impetus to it.” However, some creative liberties could be used there to add him in throughout the series.

Unfortunately, it isn’t something I would hold my breath for.

Are you sad to hear that ‘Anansi Boys’ likely won’t be in the same televised universe as ‘American Gods’? Do you feel that it would be as successful being made elsewhere? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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