Just to celebrate its second anniversary and I’m sure not having anything to do with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,’ we’re seeing Marvel Future Fight hosting a Guardians event! Honestly, they are more celebrating the inclusion of the comic universe here by adding in both Agent Venom and Mantis, but at least the latter of the two will also be in the upcoming film. To help celebrate, the rest of the team will “don new uniforms inspired by the films.”

Also, you’ll be picking up some new weapons thanks to Whiplash which should be needed for the upcoming “World Boss Ultimate and Alliance Conquest modes.”

This isn’t just a quick event with new characters but some major events are happening. Minkyun
Kim, Development Director at Netmarble Games, was able to share some details on what we could be expecting that is new character wise:

“First, players will have an opportunity to get new Guardians of the Galaxy characters and an exclusive, limited edition Comic Card. Players will also get additional opportunities for various rewards in events such as the seven-day check-in.”

He goes in depth when talking about Mantis:

“She mainly attacks with her hands through the use of martial arts. With her unique energy wavelength, she can attack from short or medium-range distances. You’ll be able to feel the thrilling action as you watch her acrobatic martial arts style and energy wavelength attacks.

Also, her ability to find enemy weak points and use of psychic empathy ensures that her teammates get buffs that will help in battle, the idea being that she uses her telepathic powers to communicate enemy weak points to her allies.

Her powerful mind energy and healing powers allow for resistance to debuffs. Her healing touch will be able to give teams an advantage in both team and solo battles.”

The boss mode sounds not only like a lot of fun but that it will adapt to players fighting styles:

“There is a difficulty system in Ultimate Mode. As the difficulty goes up, bosses will become stronger, and a player’s characters will be placed in disadvantageous situations. In the higher difficulties, players will be placed in extreme situations never seen before on Original Bosses.

The key to winning will be determined by how detailed and effectively a player upgrades their character. Players will be challenged to constantly reduce their clear times and become the best.”

As to the risk vs. reward?

“As you challenge higher difficulties, the rewards will be more gratifying as well.

Rewards will now be proportional to the difficulty level that was challenged. Also, the first time a difficulty level is cleared against a boss, you’ll get a special reward. You can only get a limited amount of rewards per day, but you can always strive for better records and try out new strategies.”

Finally, Kim talks about how the new alliance competition will be, and that is another large departure from how things were and this is one that should make you want to work with your teammates quite a bit more than the past:

“In the past, Alliance related content was based around an individual’s fight within the Alliance; Alliance Conquests will now truly be a battle of Alliances. Alliance Conquests will require communication between Alliance members to properly coordinate characters over the map to lead your Alliance to victory. Alliances with the best characters will have an advantage. Through Alliance Conquest, players will unlock Alliance Tokens which can be used to trade for items in the Alliance Shop and to upgrade your characters. Also, depending on your score, your Alliance will also get a cool frame.”

Players are going to be getting a lot from this update. From characters to weapons to playstyles, this is a big one!

What are you most excited for to see popping up in Marvel Future Fight? Are there any other Guardians who you wish would be making an appearance? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel

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