With the seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ about to come to a close, we’ve seen many of the cast and crew being interviewed. Recently, Andrew Lincoln sat down to talk about the show and shared how he feels the story of Rick Grimes should come to an end. Obviously, with him still alive and kicking in the comic, it seems unlikely that this is a scenario which we’d see play out anytime soon but you never know how things could change on either the show or in print.

This commentary comes from Lincoln during a PaleyFest Panel for ‘The Walking Dead’ and thankfully isn’t the idea which some have floated around about Rick waking up in the hospital at the very end with the entire thing having been a dream.

No, instead, Lincoln gives this scenario:

“This is how I want Rick to die. We’re going through a desert somewhere, and I jump off the bus in a very heroic act… I jump off, and I’m kung-fu kicking, earning my action figure. Half way down, I get bit. It doesn’t matter; I keep going. I’m just waiting to die.

However, at this point, he patches himself up and doesn’t become one of the infected.

The final shot is me going, ‘Holy shit, maybe I’m the cure!’ The final shot of the whole thing is a high shot of a herd of zombies coming. Rick gets up and follows the tracks to go see Carl. The herd comes toward him, and they separate.”

If there had ever been a need for a kung-fu action figure, it would be that. It would be one way to have him go out, and the series follows Carl after that if it wasn’t coming to a close. However, anyone that does follow the comics knows that Grimes recently just lost one of his main motivations to go on which we’ll be finding more about in the next issue.

Also, series creator Robert Kirkman who was also on stage and has previously stated that he has an ending in mind simply said that “I just want to say, that was cute” so I wouldn’t hold my breath on this happening in the comics at the very least. Kirkman also went on to once again shoot down the “it was all a dream” theory which some fans constantly bring up.

Do you think this is how Rick Grimes should go out on ‘The Walking Dead’ or is Andrew Lincoln totally off base on his character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Indie Wire

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