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While we’ve known that an HD edition of ‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine‘ wasn’t going to be happening at any point soon, it sounds as if we might still get some of the major scenes from the series converted over! CBS and Paramount may not believe that the time and money invested in giving fans a fully HD experience of DS9 are worth it, but the creative talent behind the documentary which has been making headlines lately are working to acquire negatives of some of the key scenes to give us. I’m not sure if this is something that I’m thrilled to see happening or if it will just be a cruel tease to Trekkies who won’t be able to get the entire show in a proper HD release.

The news came from Adam Nimoy, the director of the upcoming documentary ‘What We Leave Behind‘ during a recent interview that he was working with former DS9 showrunner Ira Stephen Behr to talk CBS into handing over the negatives:

“We’ve really expanded the scope of the project – the length of the time will expand [from 60 to 90 minutes] – but it also allows us to acquire more clips from CBS from the original [‘Deep Space Nine’] episodes… and we are now in discussion with CBS about trying to get to the original negatives, to rescan them to give high-definition resolution to our film so that ‘Deep Space Nine’ can be seen in high-def for the first time.”

While Behr added in:

“Just imagine: if we do get a chance to do the clips [for the doc] – I’m not talking about the series – the clips for the doc, in high def. That would be… extremely cool. Plus, it would give the fans another decade of dreaming what the whole series would look like! It would be that little taste, a lovely little taste – that first injection that leads to so many others.”

While this likely won’t change the studios’ minds about releasing the series or ‘Star Trek Voyager’ in HD, we all saw what happened when a certain leaked ‘Deadpool’ workup hit the Internet. While it might seem surprising that the documentary can afford to convert a few scenes where the studios aren’t interested, they have over doubled their initial $150,000 crowdfunding goals so have extra money to make this dream into a reality.

While CBS is “open to discussion” on allowing negatives to be converted, this hasn’t been finalized quite yet so I wouldn’t hold my breath until the February 2018 release to know if we’ll see anything from the series in HD.

As a bonus for those who want an idea of what ‘Deep Space Nine’ would look like remastered in HD, here is a shot from the “Birthright” episode of ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’ which showed the station in all of its glory:

Now, imagine the entire series seen like that!

Would you be thrilled for some of ‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s key moments to be digitally remastered? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Trek Core

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