With ‘Terminator: Genisys‘ being a critical and financial flop, any plans for another installment were delayed indefinitely and when James Cameron regains the rights to the film in 2019 he is going to create one last blockbuster to close out the franchise. The best part? He’s already in early talks with Tim Miller to direct the film after his success with 2016’s ‘Deadpool’. The final installment appears to be both a reboot and conclusion of the franchise which is an interesting way to explain what direction they are going.

Much as the last couple of installments have tried to do with reboots that could also be in continuity and continue the franchise. This might be one last attempt at bringing justice to a series whose first two films everyone loved and things just kind of went downhill after.

David Ellison who currently owns many of the rights to the franchise is looking into putting money towards an exploratory effort for finding the right author to tell the tale.

I think that we can all agree that if James Cameron is heavily involved in the direction of the film we might have a final installment in the franchise that is well worth checking out. Even his most recent outing in ‘Avatar’ which might have a plot that no one enjoyed was visually spectacular and was a runaway hit at the box office based off of the look alone.

Are you looking forward to one last installment to ‘The Terminator’ franchise under Cameron’s guiding hand which would bring the franchise to a close or were the last couple of outings enough to kill any interest in the films being back? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Deadline

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