We’re all dying to see David Lynch’s return to the sleepy little town of ‘Twin Peaks‘ and while Showtime doesn’t have a premiere date as of yet, an initial outing might occur at Sundance Film Festival! Details are still being ironed out but talks have happened for the return to Lynch’s cult classic 90s series to premiere at the fest which has had an increasing showcase of what would usually just appear on the small screen. So little is known about these talks that we don’t know even what kind of an event this would be though a surprise screening would seem fitting for how news has come out about the series so far.

An unnamed insider with knowledge of this has been quoted as saying “conversations are ongoing” so nothing is set in stone quite yet though fest-goers will probably be thrilled at the prospect of having a good cup of joe a little earlier than Showtime audiences.

Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing the show back 25 years after the original events of ‘Twin Peaks’ which will shine a line on some of the past mysteries while bringing new ones to the forefront. We know that Kyle MacLachlan will be returning as Special Agent Dale Cooper though it is unclear if he is here for a new case, has moved to ‘Twin Peaks’ or how his being in the town will play out as of yet.

Do you hope that ‘Twin Peaks’ gets a Sundance event or do you just want Showtime to give us an official release date already? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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