One of the biggest let downs of ‘Independence Day: Resurgence‘ was the lack of Will Smith who chose to be part of ‘Suicide Squad‘ instead of the sequel that helped make him famous. Now the actor has opened up as to what helped him make that decision. While he had an interesting take on Deadshot in DC’s film that fans were hoping would put DC’s Cinematic Universe back on track, this was also an opportunity to revisit the role in a genre that he hasn’t been having hits in as of late.

Honestly, he ended up deciding to be part of the DCEU as he wanted to “boldly go to a new creation.” When asked about the decision, Smith stated:

“I had the two screenplays in front of me for the Independence Day 2 and for Suicide Squad. I had to choose between the two of those. Even the choice of going to Suicide Squad — nothing about the qualities of the movie — but the choice of trying to go forward versus clinging and clawing backwards. I do want to aggressively go forward and do new things and create and hopefully be able to stumble upon a new heyday.”

Stumble might have been the right choice of wording here as the film stumbled to make a dent in box office sales, critical acclaim, or audience enjoyment. Even the director’s cut which has made both of DC’s previous films in their new cinematic universe watchable didn’t seem to garner much attention.

At least Smith still had his dramas which are bringing praise to his work such as the upcoming ‘Collateral Beauty’ is likely to do, but I personally wish we had seen him return as Captain Steven Hiller one last time and not Deadshot.

What do you fine folks think? Did Smith make the right choice in films or was this a lesser of two evils kind of a decision? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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