After a week off from ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead‘ one would expect big things from the show. We now see in the latest teaser shared by Starz, has Ash returning to the cabin from the original ‘Evil Dead’. That right ladies and gentlemen, Ash Williams won’t just be revisiting the cabin as he did in the first season but he will actually involve some time travel as well! “Home Again”, as the episode is titled, will have our heroes trying to travel to the past and save Ray Santiago’s character Pablo.

I don’t suppose it needs to be pointed out that time travel was the main cause for ‘Army of Darkness’ to have been able to happen in the first place.

You can check out the preview below!

We already know that Ash heading into the past could have horrible consequences for the future, so we’ll see if Kelly and Ruby can keep him in line. Of course, their original plan is something that would un-write the entire series so I suspect it won’t play out quite as they have planned as the episode is described as:

Distraught over the loss of Pablo, Ash and the gang attempt to travel back in time to ensure that young Ash will never see the Necronomicon.

Likely we’ll see Pablo return in some form or another. Ash not finding the Necronomicon? That just clearly isn’t going to happen. Not unless they end up giving us some kind of strange alternate timeline or time loop that will hopefully phase out by the end of the episode and not run for half the season.

Are you ready for ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ to return to the small screen after a week off? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr.

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