It looks like the ‘Stargate‘ reboot which had been moving forward at full steam has hit a snag and Dean Devlin has opened up that the film is falling apart. His original work in 1994 with director Roland Emmerich gave us a movie that fans loved but more importantly launched three live action shows which have huge fan bases and that animated one which no one really ever talks about. This doesn’t even include the novels and comics which fans have adored.

So when MNGM and Warner Brothers had partnered with Emmerich and Devlin for a new trilogy hit a split set of fans. Some loved the idea of more stories set in the world of ‘Stargate’ though others couldn’t imagine a continuation outside of the realm of the television series.

Do what happened? According to Devlin:

“It looked good for a couple of months, but now it’s not looking so good. There are just a lot of things that have to fire at the same time, and there was a moment where I thought it was all firing at the same time, and then it all kind of fell apart.”

Apparently, the current system which encourages franchises being made but not what is done with them quality-wise is the fault:

“It’s one of the reasons I prefer to work independently. Listen, I think if we did Stargate right, the fans would like it and we could do something really good. But if we screw it up, they’ll reject it. As they should. But I kind of don’t want to do it if I think that we’ll screw it up, and that’s one of the things that’s holding us back.”

Seems a bit like creative differences are also in there. Back to how studios make films these days to how the original was made:

“You’d have several studios involved and a lot of voices and, you know, you may make something great, but you also may have something that doesn’t resemble what you wanted to do. That kind of ‘collaboration’ is a terrifying aspect of the whole thing.”

Sounds like chances are that this new trilogy won’t be seeing the light of day, at least at any point soon.

Are you happy that a ‘Stargate’ reboot isn’t happening or would you loved to have seen a new feature film adaption? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Empire Online

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