Even after the release of what is arguably one of the best trailers a superhero movie has had in recent memory,  James Mangold hasn’t skipped a beat. Prior to t release of the trailer, the ‘Logan’ director had been sharing sneak peeks of the upcoming film through his Twitter account, usually in the form of black and white still images and storyboard excerpts. And now he’s back at it.

The first image released is a shot (which can be seen above) of the film’s now famously disheveled Logan. This particular photo, however, shows Logan in a somewhat more put-together state than we’re accustomed to with this film. While Logan can be seen dressed similarly in the trailer, it is only in fleeting glimpses from which the camera quickly cuts away. For much of the trailer (and, indeed, many of the other stills released so far), the character is instead shown in one bruised, battered or otherwise bloodied state or another.

In addition to this newest still, Mangold has also tweeted a pair of storyboard images. As he has in the past, Mangold has selected a pair of frames from the film’s storyboards, which are drawn by artist Gabriel Hardman. You can check them out below:



Based in part on Mark Millar’s acclaimed ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline, ‘Logan’ follows an aging Wolverine as he must overcome his demons and confront an existential threat to mutantkind. Due for release on March 3, 2017, the film sees both the return of James Mangold (who previously directed ‘The Wolverine’) and the departure of Hugh Jackman from the franchise. In addition to Jackman, the film’s cast includes Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, Elise Neal, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Richard E. Grant.

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