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With the way the spotlight so often tends to focus on Warner’s big screen offerings, it can be easy to lose sight of just how pervasive DC’s presence on television is becoming. In fact, while DC is racing to catch up with Marvel at the movies, the reverse could easily be said for the airwaves. Between ‘Arrow’ and its ever growing number of spinoffs, ‘Gotham’, and a number of other projects currently in various stages of development, the presence of DC characters on television is nothing if not secure. And of course, that presence is only expanding.

In development since 2014, little has been publicly announced regarding ‘Krypton’. But with a pilot order confirmed over the summer, we are slowly starting to learn more about the potential series, in particular, the casting announcements that are beginning to be made are bringing with them insight into the characters who will be featured. The latest such announcement comes today, as ‘Deadline’ is reporting that Cameron Cuffe has been cast in the role of Seg-El. Along with Georgina Campbell’s casting as Lyta Zod (the only other casting announcement thus far), ‘Krypton’ now has both of its lead actors in place.

What we do know of the show so far is that it will follow the House of El on Krypton, generations prior to its destruction (reminiscent of the way in which ‘Caprica’ followed characters whose descendents would be important to “later” events in ‘Battlestar Galactica’). ‘Krypton’ does this through the eyes of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El and Lyta Zod, who according to casting breakdowns, “will likely have some familial tie to Superman’s future foe, General Zod”. With regard to the plot, it is said to focus on Seg-El as he works to restore his disgraced family’s honor.

‘Krypton’ is being developed by executive producers David S. Goyer, Ian Goldberg, and Damian Kindler. The pilot, which will be directed by Colm McCarthy, will air on SyFy. Be sure to check back with for more news on ‘Krypton’ as it becomes available!