Even though the Russian film ‘Guardians: Soviet Union Superheroes‘ does not come out until next year, they are working hard to build up hype for the franchise, which has already gotten financing for a sequel to the movie, demonstrating just how much faith its creators have in the film, especially for a project that only cost roughly $20 million America dollars (which is a tiny amount compared to something like ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ which reportedly cost over $300 million to make). To promote the film, the creative forces have unleashed a couple of trailers so far, which showcase the basic plot of the film, Russian super-heroes created during the height of the Cold War, who have been in hiding since the fall of the Soviet Union, have been called back into action to defend the motherland from supernatural threats.

Similar to the ‘Fantastic Four,’ there are 4 main characters, one a female, and one of them seems to be a master of rocks, and can coat himself in a kind of rock armor when going into combat (think a Russian “Thing.”) The woman seems to have control over water, there is a guy who can turn himself (or part of himself) into a bear, and then they have a guy with super-speed, which they show off in a new clip from the movie of him demolishing a caravan of military vehicles using his signature curved weapons. The clip that is kind of like what the ‘X-Men’ franchise does with Quicksilver, only a lot more badass as he is gruesomely killing his opponents. Check out the clip for yourself below:

Also make sure to check out the trailer and the longer trailer + featurette clip below to see even more about the film, its filmmakers, and what the hope for the franchise is. And after you checked out everything, make sure to head down to the comments section to share your thoughts on the project, and let us know if its something you might interested in watching, and whether you think it could hope to compare to the American superhero franchises we are inundated with every summer.

Source: /film

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