Oliver and Felicity’s lives are in shambles after the events in ‘Arrow’ Season Four.  This new trailer gives a look at how they put the pieces back together, or more specifically, how they put Team Arrow back together.  Roy is still gone, Thea hanged up her cowl and Diggle is back working for the government.  (And we all know what happened to Laurel.)

wild_dog_001This new trailer for Season Five offers a brief glance at where Ollie might start rebuilding.  First, it appears Thea will be back, maybe just not as Speedy.  Curtis (Echo Kellum) reminds Ollie that he’s a former Olympian.  Does that make him ready for the salmon ladder?  (Nope.)  Curtis joins other new recruits Evelyn Crawford Sharp (Madison McLaughlin), and Wild Dog (Rick Gonzales).

There are a couple of really nice shots of Wild Dog in particular and even though he’s an obscure character in the comics, the ‘Arrow’ version appears spot on!  The hockey goalie mask, the bright blue jersey… looks good!

And even though in the comics, Evelyn Crawford operates as Starling, she will adopt the guise of Artemis on ‘Arrow’.

Green Arrow is going to need the help.  The new clip also reveals ‘The Walking Dead’ alum Chad L. Coleman as gangster Tobias Church as well as the ‘Arrowverse’ version of Prometheus.  (It hasn’t been revealed who is playing this dark archer.)

As close as Wild Dog looks to his comic book counterpart, Prometheus looks nothing like his.  But it’s not even clear if this depiction is even supposed to be based on the Justice League villain.

Check out the preview of ‘Arrow’ Season 5:

‘Arrow’ returns on October 5 2016 at 8pmEST on The CW.