Not much is known about the solo ‘Batman’ which will star Ben Affleck in the title role, and that Affleck is also directing and co-writing (with Geoff Johns).  The movie doesn’t even have a release date yet, but even so, Affleck impressed many with his performance in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ so expectations are high.

Affleck is currently filming ‘Justice League’ in London, but the actor appears to already be plotting out ‘Batman’ and even tweeted some test footage which teases who the Dark Knight will be tangling with:

Deathstroke-Teen-TitansYes, the footage shows that Deathstroke will play a role in the movie.  Will he be the primary villain?  That is unclear, but it’s an interesting choice, since Deathstroke isn’t really a Batman villain in the comics.  He debuted in 1980’s ‘The New Teen Titans’ #2 and served as one of that team’s greatest foes, and was the main antagonist on the ‘Teen Titans’ animated series.

Since then, however, he has gone on to become more of a general DC villain, and has battled Batman along with Green Arrow, Nightwing, the Birds of Prey and the Justice League among others.  He is responsible for the deaths of Phantom Lady, Uncle Sam and The Atom/Ryan Choi.

Deathstroke has appeared in numerous animated projects and in live action on ‘Lois and Clark’, ‘Smallville’ and perhaps most notably as the major villain on ‘Arrow’ played by Manu Bennett.

Once again, it’s unclear if Deathstroke will be the Big Bad in the ‘Batman’ movie, but considering his only-slightly superhuman strength, speed, agility and fighting skills, he would be a good physical match for the Dark Knight.  He is also a genius tactician, which once again makes him a good foil for Batman.

Of course, many fans are still hoping to see Batman take on Deadshot (Will Smith), The Joker (Jared Leto) and/or Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) again.  But since the film is so far off, who knows what could happen.  There may be multiple villains in it!

What do you think of Batman taking on Deathstroke on the big screen?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter