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One of the biggest individual tidbits of news to come out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con was undoubtedly from the Marvel panel on Saturday night, when the company announced that Brie Larson would be bringing to life the role of Captain Marvel on-screen in the character’s planned Marvel Cinematic Universe solo film.  The reaction has been mostly positive from the fan community; the Captain Marvel comic series, however, has a uniquely loyal fanbase, and many of them seemed to be waiting to head from one of their “creative directors,” Kelly Sue DeConnick.

DeConnick wrote the Captain Marvel comic-book series at DC from 2012 – 2015, largely propelling the character into the upper echelon of more recognizable Marvel superheroes.  Readers of the book consider themselves members of the ” Carol Corps,” named after Captain Marvel’s alter-ego, Carol Danvers.  So, when news like this casting info hits, many of them looked to DeConnick for her opinion on the matter.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, DeConnick expressed her carefully-worded opinions:

“She [Larson] has a gravitas and she has a power to her.  But you can see she also has a sense of humor and playfulness there. I’m psyched.  We spend so much time telling women, you’re not ‘this’ enough and you’re not ‘that.’

Look, we all know that Hollywood has an age problem with women. Would I like to see more women onscreen over 40? Fuck yes. Women with power as protagonists and physical heroines? Fuck yes. But it’s hard for me to opine on Carol’s age without knowing what the film is. Are we going to be dealing with Carol when she got her powers? My Carol was a Colonel [in the Air Force], so she was older. But I don’t want that to undermine my support of a young woman who has a billion-dollar franchise on her shoulders.

I am emphatically on her team no [matter] how old she is, because she’s the one who got it.  She’s publicly had this role for 24 hours.  I have a lot people following my lead and I’m not going to tell the choir that she’s not right.”

DeConnick brings up the excellent point that, at this time, we have no idea what Marvel’s plans are in terms of the plot line for the Captain Marvel character – for all we know, this could be an origin story and require the casting of someone younger.  For her part, DeConnick sounds as if she has not been told if any of the storylines she wrote for the comic were going to be included in the film:

“I am not an insider in this at all.  I would feel very proud if I recognize my story’s DNA, but I wouldn’t want to take any credit from [the film’s screenwriters] Nicole [Perlamn] and Meg [LeFauve].”

Source: VanityFair

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