Denver Comic Con

Sure, you can go to the third largest regional Comic-Con in the world and attend the panels, learn about how to become a cartoonist, or even browse for new t-shirts or other science-fiction, fantasy or other collectibles, but in Denver, Colorado, it’s just as much a see and be seen event. And so, I attend to enjoy the amazing cosplay, and this year had lots of great costumes!

Here are some of my favorite cosplay folk from Denver Comic-Con 2016, June 17-19, with my snappy commentary!


“We’re from a fantasy universe, but lucky for us it has a convenient Starbucks too!”


Seriously, though, who are you going to call?


This, this is why Wolverine doesn’t have a great Instagram feed: it’s so darn hard to take photos!


Young Captain America. With his Dad.


T-Rex versus Dalek! But the winner is really baby Wonder Woman with her flexible sword.


“We’re all fierce warriors from the future. We have come to… uhm… wait a second… who’s the gal with the backpack?”


“Inside-Out? Never heard of it. I just feel really, really blue today…”


On the inside, I’m angry cat. But I’ll never show that face to the world!


“Dude, you have Deadpool as your lockscreen photo? I have Deadpool as my lockscreen photo too! That’s so cool!”


She’s the property of Joker? Does that mean she works at the local casino?


“We’re posing. Definitely… posing.”


“Waiting for the train to head over to Manga World. What? There’s no Manga World? Oh.”


I am King Triton. And I am really glad this isn’t a winter Con!


Secretly, he keeps feeding his daughter midi-chlorian boost tablets, but so far, no results. But she can hold a light saber by the blade, so that’s a good start…


This is just some cool parenting, turning your son’s wheelchair into a cosplay prop!


“I am the belle of the ball, as it happens. And have you seen my fairy godmother anywhere around here?”


“Dude! Didn’t I just see you outside?”


“Hey buddy, can you tell us where the audition is for that groovy new 70’s sci-fi TV series?”


So patriotic that Comic-Con has red, white and some guy in blue all lined up. Cosplay FTW!


“I told you that those eyes would give you a wicked migraine, Bob. Just roll with it, though…”


Sadly, no-one told this guy that dressing up as Hitler wasn’t going to gain friends or the attention of all the cute girls in their skimpy cosplay outfits. Scheisse!

If you’re in the greater Denver area, it’s not too late to score a ticket or two and attend Denver Comic-Con 2016. In fact, it’s great fun, with tons of people in costumes and, yes, all the other fun parts of a Comic-Con, including hundreds of vendors selling anything you can imagine from your favorite TV shows, movies, books, and even comic books. And artists. Over 300 artists. And hundreds of talks and panels, some bursting with celebrities, others the people behind the curtain who really make the industry fly!

And as for the snarky comments? All mine. I own ’em!

Finally, if you’re in one of these photos, please do identify yourself in the comments!