The decision to bring back ‘The X-Files‘ after an 8-year hiatus for a 10th season was a move that generated much excitement among the show’s fan base – and indeed in pop-culture circles in general.  Then the news came that the “season” would actually be what Fox was calling an “event series,” comprised of only six episodes instead of the usual 24 or so that TV shows normally receive.

Reactions to the news were mixed: some folks thought it was a great move, allowing the creators to focus on the story they wanted to tell without worrying about “bloating” the season with extraneous plot details.  Another contingency, however, believed that six episodes was way too small of an amount and was a “cop-out” on the part of Fox and the series’ creators.

Whatever the real rationale for it was, the approach seems to have worked: despite lukewarm reaction to the first few episodes, the series broke several ratings records for Fox, and the news quickly came down that there would indeed be more X-Files, likely following the same small-season formula, coming soon-ish.

Show star David Duchovny, though, didn’t think that the six episodes were enough.  In an interview with TV Insider, he had this to say about the shortened 10th season:

“I think there were too few episodes. Twenty-two is far too many, but six is too few, so we’ve got to figure out something right in between.”

Whether his comments are fueled by a desire to expand the show’s mythology more completely or simply to ensure his paychecks are bigger (remember, part of the reason that ‘The X-Files’ went off the air in the first place is because Duchovny complained of being overworked) remains to be seen.  For now, Fox has not “officially” confirmed another season of the show, so as they say, the truth is still out there.

Source: ScreenRant

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