The remake of ‘Logan’s Run‘ has been in pre-development for quite some time now and word is just in that Ryan Condal (‘Colony‘,’Hercules’) has just signed on to pen a new script. While a new writer almost sounds like we’re starting from scratch it does appear that he’ll be working off of a treatment by Simon Kinberg so that a direction that the film has already been decided upon. With Condal’s work on bringing ‘Colony’ to the small screen, I actually have a lot of faith that he can pull off an interesting take on ‘Logan’s Run’. Kinberg will be producing the film for Warner Brothers along with Joel Silver and Greg Berlanti.

Instead of looking towards the 1976 movie for direction, the writing staff will instead focus on the 1967 novel which was penned by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

In the novel, we are given a dystopian future where citizens are executed when they reach their 21st birthday. This is monitored by crystals that are embedded in the palm of their hands and switch colors every seven years until on their 21st birthday it turns black. To celebrate their “Lastday” the citizens go to “sleepshops” to end their lives. Some try to escape to a place called Sanctuary though a group called the Sandmen are tasked to hunt them down before that can happen.

Logan-5 is one of these Sandmen and on his 21st birthday wants to go out in a blaze of glory by finding Sanctuary and destroying it to leave his mark on history. Only, he is recruited by these rebels and switches sides.

The original novel had the entire world open for travel while in the film it was limited to a single area. Between that, a completely different ending, and the age of execution being 30 in the film there are a few areas where the new take on the adaptation can really spread their wings.

Are you looking forward to a take on ‘Logan’s Run’ that is more faithful to the book? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Comic BookDeadline

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