Batman with a gun

After the train wreck that was ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have done a number of things to shake up their film division. In addition to moving around some producers, reports indicate that Zack Snyder would have no input on the Dark Knight’s upcoming film from Ben Affleck. But if Geoff Johns is to be believed, this is all for the better since the star is doing a great job on his own.

Earlier this week, Johns appeared on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ to talk about the first issue of ‘DC Universe Rebirth’. After explaining that the latest event would be a relaunch rather than a reboot, the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment touched on his work with Affleck on the Caped Crusader’s next solo film. In particular, Johns praised Affleck’s work on dialogue:

“He’s amazing, but he’s amazing at dialogue. When he reads the dialogue I just sit there going ‘Wow, I’m talking to Batman!’”

If you’re interested to hear everything Johns had to say during his appearance on the show, check out this clip:

But if you will recall, the fact that his dialogue is on point shouldn’t be that surprising. Even though people tend to make jokes about Affleck’s filmography, he has won an Oscar for his writing in the past. And judging by how awesome his performance in ‘Batman V Superman’ was, he also seems to understand the character. But either way, it’s good to hear that he’s on the right track with DC Comics’ most popular character.

Are you excited to see Ben Affleck’s Batman movie? And what do you think about Geoff Johns’ assessment of the filmmaker’s work so far? Let us know in the comments.

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