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This latest clip from ‘Preacher‘ premiered and shows off quite the amazing performance of Ruth Negga (‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’) in her role as Tulip O’Hare. We haven’t had a chance to see much of Negga’s acting in the show so far and being able to see her in action is exciting to say the least. I would actually say that it was probably the most exciting piece of action to be shown during that hour of television with how much of a snooze fest ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ ended up being.

You can check out her aggressive acting chops below though I do have to say that I’m impressed with what we’re being given so far.

Here we see Tulip having to fend off the person who is trying to steal her map which turns from robbery to gun fight to knife fight and after that is when we are shown that things really get serious.

For those unfamiliar with the comic and want her character better put into perspective: When we meet Tulip she is Jesse Custer’s ex-girlfriend and is one of the lead characters on the show though Negga describes her character as:

She’s sort of unforgettable. She has no morals. She’s an agitator assassin, a gun for hire, and she’s written the way male characters are usually written. Conscience is something she buries; obviously she’s damaged. It’s really intriguing. I’d never read a part for a woman like that. They usually have a tender heart or a soft spot for some guy. Not Tulip. You read certain scenes in the script and think: are we allowed to do this? It’s great playing someone unsympathetic and not having to justify her actions.

It looks like we’ll be getting a “taste” of exactly what she means if this clip is any indication.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Preacher’ when it premieres? Do you think that Ruth’s take on Tulip will do the comic and audiences justice? Share your thoughts below!

‘Preacher’ premieres on May 22nd at 10pm on AMC

Source: Collider

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