negan the walking dead

Well we’ve finally met Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in ‘The Walking Dead‘ and AMC has shared the final scene from the episode with us. I do think that while they pulled the character off rather perfectly that the scene itself was flawed. Obviously, if you haven’t seen the episode yet you shouldn’t watch the attached video as this is quite literally the last 2 minutes from the season finale. The scene is tense, it’s brutal, and I’ll withhold my full thoughts on it until after you get another viewing. Clearly this is a spoiler scene and I’m going to have a few potential spoiler comments below.

You can re-watch it here!

So I’m not going to lie, while I loved the scene I was extremely disappointed with the cliffhanger ending that they presented us with. After the fan outcry of how annoyed they were in handling the fake out death for Glenn, this just seems to have been a blatant way to say that they don’t care about what the viewers like. While fans of the comic know that Glenn ends up at the end of Lucille, and we’ve been teased about him seeing baseball bat references all season – it almost seems like it would be wrong to kill him now. He has just been too blatant of a choice for them to run with his death at this point.

Honestly, with that being the case, I suspect the next season will start with Rick driving the RV in shock or watching as whoever is killed is beaten with none of the cast talking for the entire intro. After that, the rest of the episode will end up following Carol and Morgan discovering The Kingdom as well as what was happening in Alexandria. Sadly while this is the type of ending that could turn viewers away it is also the kind which is going to have people talking and while fan reaction might be negative, I’m sure the amount of response the episode gets will be considered a win as far as those around the AMC Watercooler are going to be thinking.

What did you think about the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’? Am I being too critical of it or was this cliffhanger the way to go? Share your thoughts below!


LAST DAY ON EARTH- It’s the season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. “To save one of their own, Rick’s group must venture outside the walls; their experience changes their lives forever.” The season finale will receive an extra 30 minutes.