Fantastic Beasts

While the rumor mill has been going off for months (years?) now about the continuation of the ‘Harry Potter’ universe in Warner Bros’ new film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ we have not actually received any concrete news on the new film and whether or not it would be the start of a new ‘Harry Potter’ franchise in some time. However, the long silence is over, and the future confirmed, by none other than the woman who started the universe herself, author JK Rowling. In a recent Tweet, she had the following to say:


So this basically confirms that ‘Fantastic Beasts’ will be a full trilogy, which I am sure is a fact that the suits over at Warner Bros are ecstatic about. If they manage to get another ‘Harry Potter’ franchise off the ground at the same that their DC Cinematic Universe is launched (and will, hopefully, be successful), the studio is looking at some golden years ahead. Of course, who knows whether ‘Fantastic Beasts’ will be able to keep up the popularity and momentum, as it is not based on tried and true books as the other ‘Potter’ films were, but rather the film is loosely connected to the events of the original 7 movies and takes place long before Harry Potter was born.

According to the synopsis, the new story takes place in New York in 1926, where Newt Scamander has taken a brief layover following his worldwide trip to seek out and document magical creatures from across the globe. Of course, his brief rest becomes a much larger adventure thanks to a No-Maj (what Americans call Muggles) named Jacob, a magical case that gets lost, and the escape of some of the very beasts that Newt was trying to document. While it sounds like a grand start to a single movie, it will be interesting to see what the through line of the new series is, who the villain and plot elements are that need three movies to be resolved.

What are your thoughts on another 3 movies coming out that place in the ‘Harry Potter’ world? Do you think it would have been fine to just do one? Could Rowling and Warner Bros be prematurely ordering more movies? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book