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After starting his career by writing acclaimed novels that became pretty successful films, Alex Garland cut out the middle man and began writing his own movies. He found success by penning projects like ’28 Days Later’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Dredd’, and an adaptation of the popular Xbox game ‘Halo’ that never got made. But just when you thought he had found his niche in the business, Garland made a big splash with his directorial debut ‘Ex Machina’ last year. Now, fans are anxious to see what the English filmmaker has next. Luckily, we have word regarding his next project and it looks like the casting will be as good as his last one. 

Tessa ThompsonAccording to The Wrap, Garland will direct an adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s novel ‘Annihilation’ for Paramount Pictures and producer Scott Rudin. With shooting scheduled to begin this spring, Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez are already on board for the sci-fi story following a group of women consisting of an anthropologist, a surveyor, a psychologist who serves as the group’s de facto leader, and a biologist/narrator (played by Portman) that take on a dangerous mission where the laws of nature don’t apply. But the report says that another up and coming actress is already in line to join the growing collection of leading ladies.

In the wake of recently making waves with roles in ‘Dear White People’, ‘Selma’, and ‘Creed’, rising star Tessa Thompson is currently in talks to join Portman and Rodriguez for an unspecified role in ‘Annihilation’. Chances are that she could be taking one of the open slots on the team, but let’s not jump to conclusions right away. What we can say though is that Garland is sure to get some interesting performances out of Thompson (should she sign on) and the rest of the cast if what he did with Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, and Alicia Vikander is any indication. Not only does he have an excellent grasp on the sci-fi genre, but the director has a way of showcasing his leads amidst an elegantly shot and intelligently plotted story, so we’ll see what he can pull off in this next outing. 

What do you think about Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’? How do you feel about the cast so far? And are you excited by the notion that breakout star Tessa Thompson could be joining the party next? Sound off in the comments.