We had just reported that George Miller wasn’t making any more ‘Mad Max’ movies but after his most recent Oscar nominations we’re happy to report that he was misquoted! In fact, it seems like that he is far from done with the ‘Mad Max’ universe and with earlier reports that he had multiple movies already planned out, it seems to me like we’re about to go on a couple more roller coaster rides of fun.

So if you enjoyed ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ as much as I did, this should be some fantastic news for you.

Originally quoted as saying that he was done with ‘Mad Max,’ it sounds like Miller was misquoted as he explains:

“That was a completely garbled interview. I was in New York and it was so noisy and the journalist was asking me questions on a red carpet at the National Board of Review. She completely got the wrong fragments of information that were just not true. I said no, [another ‘Mad Max’ movie] will not be next, and she took that to mean I never wanted to make another ‘Mad Max.’ It won’t necessarily be next, but I have two more stories.”

Further locking in that this was the start of a fresh trilogy, we can only hope that whatever he tackles next won’t keep him away from giving us more of his vision of a post-apocalyptic future for too long. Perhaps we’ll even luck out and it will be what Miller does next. I’m sure the Oscar nods for the franchise he is so well known for can only help to motivate him with getting to creating the next installment.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ will be getting a proper sequel? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Wrap