With all of the heroes that will be appearing next May in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ little thought has really been given to what each character will specifically be doing in the film, aside from picking a side and kicking butt against their fellow Avengers. However, as many comic fans can attest, the Vision did have a rather specific role in the ‘Civil War’ source comic, which is alluded to by co-director Joe Russo in a recent interview with ‘Sina Entertainment’:

“Vision is a captivating character, and he does play a critical role in the Civil War. The comic fans might be able to guess what he is going to do.”

For those unfamiliar with the Vision’s role in the ‘Civil War’ comic, he is the character responsible for bringing down Iron Man in the midst of one of the final battles of the “war,” using his phasing ability to push his hand through Iron Man’s chest plate, thus shutting down the suit and the reactor in Tony Stark’s chest. Of course, in the comics The Vision is on the side of Captain America, which from what we have seen so far is not the case in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ though to be fair, we do  not know which characters may change sides, or which ones might be pretending to be on a certain side just waiting for the right moment to reveal their true allegiance.

As for the Vision being the one to take down Iron Man in the final battle, that may not be as necessary in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ as from the trailer we have seen the kind of damage Cap and Bucky can do to Tony and his suit when they take him on, so the Vision’s assistance might be for dealing with another character. Plus, according to rumors, the Vision will also be busy discovering the more passionate side of being a human during the course of the movie, which fans are hoping might mean the android kindling a romance with the Scarlett Witch, who he eventually marries in the comics.

Do you think the Vision will switch to Cap’s side and take down Iron Man over the course of ‘Civil War?’ Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend