It looks like the second half of ‘Arrow‘s’ 4th season will feature some new and returning players to make life more interesting for our hero and his allies. Aside from the surprising news last week that Colton Haynes will be returning to Star City, we now know the reason why he will be returning. Somehow Haynes’ character, Roy Harper, will get mixed up with DC Villain Noah Kuttler (played by Tom Amandes), aka The Calculator, who will be forcing Roy to return to Star City to do his bidding. Calculator clearly gets some kind of dirt on Roy, which he uses to make the former hero return to fight his former allies, in what is sure to be a poignant series of episodes (the Calculator is set to be in episodes 12 and 13).

Also of note for theorists out there is that the Calculator is known as an extremely intelligent villain the comics, almost the doppleganger to Oracle, the female computer whiz who helps out the DC heroes, especially Batman (only the Calculator helps out the villains, and unlike Oracle, charges the rogues for his work). With the man known for his brains and computer skills, fans are already speculating that at long last we might be meeting the man who happens to be the father of Felicity, which might help explain her intelligence, amazing computer skills, and ability to adapt to the world of heroes and villains as quickly as she has. We know from past comments that Felicity’s father was a criminal, and fans have been guessing as to the man’s identity for quite some time now. If the Calculator does turn out to be Felicity’s father, it would add a whole other element to characters with daddy issues on the show, and perhaps bring Felicity and Thea a little closer, as they both have in common the fact that their fathers are super-villains.

What are your thoughts on Tom Amandes coming to ‘Arrow’ to play the Calculator? Do you think he could be Felcity’s father? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend