With word coming out that Universal’s Cinematic Monster Universe wants Angelina Jolie to star as the ‘Bride of Frankenstein‘ it should be no surprise that they are looking for an equally known name for ‘The Mummy‘ with none other than Tom Cruise (‘Edge of Tomorrow‘,’Oblivion‘) in talks for the role!

Known equally for his Scientology views as well as his amazing box office draw, Cruise has a long history with science fiction though the closest things to horror that he’s done is probably the science fiction thriller ‘War of the Worlds’, the more gothic ‘Interview with the Vampire’, or his infamous fantasy ‘Legend’. Of course just like these works not being strictly horror we’ve previously heard that the films Universal is putting together will combine horror with action, adventure, and suspence.

With both Jolie and Cruise being approached it is clear that the studio is putting its money where its mouth is with a serious attempt at making this newly forming cinematic universe into something that is so star studded that it will be an event in itself to go see.

While ‘Dracula Untold’ might be part of this universe, it still looks as if ‘The Mummy’ is the first of the films to debut which has a March 24th, 2017 release date. One has to wonder, though, with pulling in such a big name as Cruise if they plan on keeping him completely wrapped up as the mummy of old was or if they’ll want to show off his face to capitalize on the actor being a part of the film. ‘The Mummy’ is being penned by Jon Spaihts with an eye for an eventual monster team up.

In science fiction, Tom Cruise films have always been guilty pleasure films for me. It’ll be interesting to see if he can pull the same thing off in a horror-centric movie as well.

It should be mentioned that Deadline is reporting that both Universal studios and Cruise’ reps are denying that an offer has been made to the actor, however, Variety (who had the exclusive on the news) and THR still stand by their reports.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Mummy’? Do you think that Tom Cruise could play the role? Share your thoughts below!