Jumping right back in, now that Jessica knows Malcolm is the spy, she takes steps to track her neighbor, to see if he can lead her to Kilgrave. She follows him for a few days for his meet-ups with Kilgrave, and learns that the villain turned Malcolm into a drug addict in order to maintain control over the man. She follows him into the park, where she learns Malcolm never meets up with Kilgrave directly, instead meeting up with a “Kilgraved” courier who tells Malcolm where to meet Kilgrave. Jessica knows without knowing the meeting place beforehand, it will be harder to set a trap for the man, as she wants to shoot with the anesthesia drugs from long distance, using a dart.

Meanwhile, Trish and Will have become somewhat of an item, with Will insisting on helping in the hunt for Kilgrave in the process. He and Trish learn from Jessica about the spy, and demand to help, with Trish volunteering to drive the getaway van, and Will offering a safehouse in an old CDC building, complete with a soundproof isolation cell, which they can use to hold the villain. Despite Will’s insistence that Trish not go along, as she is untrained, Jessica relents and allows her friend to come, and the plan seems to go off without a hitch at first. They follow Malcolm to his meeting with Kilgrave, with Trish parking half a block-away for an easy getaway. Jessica walks by to distract Kilgrave, while Will manages to nail the man with the tranq dart, dropping him into an anesthetized state. As they prepare to take the body though, it is revealed that Kilgrave had bodyguards nearby, who attack Jessica and Will. Still, they manage to get Kilgrave into the van, with Malcolm suddenly looking more lucid and “free” and escaping, and they head to the CDC warehouse. They arrive to find they have been followed, and Jessica discovers a tracker in Kilgrave’s suit. (I feel like the second part of his superpower is his planning skills. Seems like Kilgrave is always one step ahead of Jessica and her crew!) Jessica and Will are overwhelmed by bodyguards armed with stun batons, with Trish going down after one zap, and Kilgrave is rescued by his men, much to the chagrin of Jessica.

Jessica takes it upon herself to help bring Malcolm back from the brink, helping him detox and choose to recover from his addiction, and introducing him to the Kilgrave Support group. Reuben continues to pester Jessica with banana bread, clearly enjoying the respite from his deranged sister, who does not like Jessica at all. Trish meanwhile is finding Will more and more obsessive in his drive to kill Kilgrave, the man not understanding why Jessica wants to bring the villain in alive (and not caring that they need Kilgrave to free Hope). Hope in the meantime, reveals to Jessica and Hogarth that she is pregnant with Kilgrave’s child, which she desperately wants to abort. Jessica helps her get rid of the unwanted child of Kilgrave’s rape, and it seems like Hope is losing faith in Jessica’s ability to save her.

Kilgrave meanwhile, has purchased a home, legally (not using his powers to persuade the owner to move out), and we learn it is Jessica’s old home from before the accident. Some time later he stops by Jessica’s apartment to leave a gift for her, disturbed by Reuben who enters as he sees someone wandering around in the dark. Kilgrave instantly seems annoyed with Reuben and his banana bread offerings, and we know what Kilgrave does with people he does not like.

Jessica manages to reconnect with Luke once they find themselves on a similar case tracking down the drunk driver blamed for killing Luke’s wife Reva, and Jessica knows it is only a matter of time until Luke finds out the truth, or else exacts his revenge on an innocent man (minus the part about driving a bus drunk). She and Luke discover the name of the bus driver, and Luke goes after him, using his powers to destroy the bus the man is driving to terrify the elder driver, who is genuinely sorry for what happened. Before Luke can kill him, Jessica tells Luke the truth about what happened, how Reva was already dead when the bus hit her, trying to explain and make Luke understand  the powers of Kilgrave. Luke is enraged, but he does not turn violent, instead casting Jessica aside and confirming her earlier statement that she is a “piece of shit.”

Following the case with Luke and his dismissal, Jessica is contact by Hogarth who demands Jessica force her ex-wife Wendy to sign the divorce papers, as Wendy is blackmailing Hogarth with information regarding jury tampering, and wants 75% of Hogarth’s money in the divorce. Jessica goes on a bender to deal with her guilt and self-loathing about Luke, continuing to drink even as she goes to threaten Wendy into signing the divorce papers as is. She drunkenly confronts Wendy down in the subway, with Wendy not at all happy about being strong-armed, and not believing Jessica would actually hurt her. Unfortunately, Jessica is drunk, and accidentally drops Wendy onto the subway tracks, saving the woman just before a train comes. Wendy flees, frightened and pissed, and Jessica continues to drink. She is found passed out in the elevator by Malcolm, mirroring an earlier scene when he was wasted passed out. He takes her home, and Jessica crawls into bed, belatedly finding Reuben’s bloody dead body beside her.

Jessica decides she needs to end the game with Kilgrave, choosing to get herself thrown in maximum security prison, where cameras will be able to capture Kilgrave using his abilities when he comes to get her. She wants to turn herself in to Detective Clemens, the officer who was suspicious of her in regards to the Hope murders already. Unfortunately, he is not on duty until later than night, so she takes time to explain the plan to Trish and Hogarth, neither of whom are on board, and warn her the plan is foolish. Malcolm meanwhile, trying to “save” Jessica, takes Reuben’s body and dumps it in the river, and cleans out Jessica’s apartment so no evidence remains. Jessica is furious, but knows her plan can still be salvaged. She dives into the river and rips off Reuben’s head, and brings it to Clemens in the police station, demanding her arrest and incarceration. Hogarth arrives to defend her, against Jessica’s wishes, but the lawyer is quickly dismissed by Jessica. After Hogarth leaves an officer enters the interrogation room and announces Jessica is free to go, and Jessica nervously leaves the room, aware that something strange is going on.

Kilgrave is holding the police station hostage, with every cop being held at gunpoint by fellow officers, completely under his thrall, even deleting security footage so no evidence remains of his actions. He chides Jessica for missing the gift he left her in the apartment, and absconds with the head, knowing without it Jessica has no evidence to turn herself in with. He reveals that he does not want to forcefully control Jessica, and wants her to return to him of her own volition. He leaves the station, ordering the officers to laugh about the “prank” that just happened and forget what happened.

Jessica returns home and finds Kilgrave’s gift, a journal from her childhood, which we learn she left behind when she was adopted by Trish’s mother, a woman with serious parental issues. In a flashback we see her abusing Trish, who was a child-star that her mom had complete control over. They adopted Jessica for the good PR it would bring, but it is clear Jessica would not find a happy life with the family. Until she discovers she somehow gained powers in the accident that killed her family, and uses it to threaten Trish’s mom to behave.

Jessica decides the best way to protect people is to meet Kilgrave at her childhood home, terrifying Trish who worries Jessica will return under the man’s control. Trish meanwhile looks into Kilgrave’s new bodyguards, and sends Will to stake them out, with Will already finding Kilgrave at Jessica’s old home. We learn a little about Will and his old military friends, who he recruits to help him take down Kilgrave. Jessica arrives at her old home and is horrified to discover that Kilgrave has painstakingly reconstructed her home, and is using two servants, a cook and a maid, to keep Jessica under control, threatening their lives if she were to not cooperate. She acquiesces to his wants for the moment, but is confronted by Will who is planting a bomb in the house to kill Kilgrave. Jessica and Kilgrave disarm the bomb (Jessica still needs to man alive, and she does not want to see the servants hurt), and convinces Kilgrave to go with her and save a family from a hostage situation to show him how he could have used his powers to be a hero. While he enjoys the heroic moment, he says he cannot be a hero without Jessica, meaning she would have to stay with him forever. In another flashback we learn the accident that killer her family is partially Jessica’s fault, and she was feuding with her little brother, which distracted her father enough for him to hit the car in front of him.  In the present, Jessica leaves Kilgrave’s house to discuss the situation with Trish (promising the villain she will return), but Trish definitely does not want Jessica to have to remain with Kilgrave. Jessica makes her own decision however, and instead opts to drug the serving staff (so when they awake they will be free of Kilgrave’s control) and inject him with the anesthesia once more, fleeing the house just ahead of his bodyguards (and revealing her amazing almost flight ability, where she leaps immensely high and has a controlled fall). Right after she flees, Will and his friends arrive to take down Kilgrave, instead finding a neighbor that had annoyed Jessica and Kilgrave earlier waiting for them. She asks is he is Will Simpson, then reveals she has his bomb strapped to her. Will tries to run but the bomb explodes taking out his friends and leaving him badly wounded.

So at the end of the 8th episode, Jessica has Kilgrave, and is presumably taking him to the safehouse at last where she can safely imprison him.Will is gravely injured, and Trish is worried for Jessica and pissed that Will disappeared following her lead. Hogarth is demanding that Jessica find dirt on Wendy as Wendy was not happy with being threatened, and is moving forward with her blackmail. And poor Malcolm is dealing with Robyn who is looking for her brother, and thinks Jessica is somehow involved in his disappearance

To be continued….