Chess just got way more extreme at last week’s Tokyo Game Show.

After years of playing the game as a slow contemplative experience, where deep thinkers such as Captain Picard and Professor X let their logic skills shine, chess has now entered the cyberpunk era. Imbued with high tech features, get ready to be stimulated far more than you ever expected.

Created by Team Dengekisen, the game now known as Speed Chess gets rid of turns and instead lets players make moves simultaneously. There’s one catch, however. Once a player moves a piece, there’s a cooling period where you can’t play that piece for a while.

In addition to assimilating to the new rules, players must also adapt to the board’s futuristic look. It’s a multi-touch display with neon colors. It almost seems to require Front Line Assembly playing in the background.

Although chess club doesn’t to need to be any cooler, if there’s anyone who wants the game to be more of a cyberdelic experience, your wishes have been answered. It’s the perfect game for raves.

Take a look at the game in action.

Source: RocketNews24