To quote Britney Spears herself, “You Want A Piece Of Me?”  It certainly looks like thousands of online fans want her in the digital sense and are lobbying hard to get the pop star added as a playable character to Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Brothers 4’.  The popular game features an all-star lineup of Nintendo icons like Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link and Pikachu (as well as several other characters from their respective game universes) in a battle royale fighting tournament and for its fourth edition, Nintendo has invited fans to vote for which video game character– ANY video game character– should be added.  Suckers.

Now an online movement has emerged, encouraging fans to vote for Britney Spears to be the new combatant.  I know what you’re thinking, “But wait a minute, I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end Britney Spears is not a video game character!”

Actually, back in 2001, during the ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ era, Britney had her own video game, ‘Britney’s Dance Beat’ available on Playstation 2 and Nintendo’s own Gameboy Advance.  The premise was that the player was auditioning to be one of Brit-Brit’s backup dancers by making their thumbs* samba to her hits like ‘Baby One More Time’, ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ and ‘Overprotected’.  (*’Britney’s Dance Beat’ came out years before motion-sensor games like the Wii, so it was played on a regular PS2 controller.)

So there you go, she fits the bill!

An enthusiastic Tumblr user, PokemonSpears began the campaign and has since seen the original post reblogged thousands of times!  Ninetendo for its part, is keeping the votes under wraps, until October 3rd, when sumissions are cut off.  After that, Nintendo will present the top vote-getters for a run-off campaign.

Check out the original post (and reblog, for the love of all that’s ‘Toxic’!):

Britney has already proven she’s got mad fighting skills.  Remember that time she beat the shizz out of that Range Rover with an umbrella?  (If not, don’t feel bad.  She probably doesn’t either.)

Check out this game play video to get a taste of what might be shimmying into ‘Super Smash Brothers 4’:

Here is Britney selling the game in the original commercial:

(Scoff at her acting skills all you want, her movie ‘Crossroads’ was still better than Donkey Kong’s movie ‘Pixels’!)

I mean come on!  Is there any question that Britney Jean Spears should be beating the crap out of Mario and pals until she has them screaming “Hit me, ‘Baby, One More Time’?”

You can vote here: Super Smash Brothers 4

Vote Britney and Ooops, do it again… and again… and again!

Source: NewNowNext