Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful‘ is coming back for a third season and we’ve got details on some of the new and returning characters to share with you! One of the standout moments was how much of an impression Patti LuPone‘s Cut-Wife had on Eva Green’s Vanessa and it looks like the network agrees! LuPone is going to return in the third season only she’ll be playing a different character. Instead of Cut-Wife we’ll see her instead as Dr. Seward who is an American therapist. She’ll still be interacting heavily with Vanessa as she will be treating her “with an unusual new approach.”

Who knows what that could mean in the realm of ‘Penny Dreadful.’ What is interesting though is she will play another character and I’m curious as to if we’ll find out that they are actually related, one in the same, or will find a different way to explain their similar looks.

I mean lets be honest, just because Cut-Wife “died” on the show doesn’t mean she truly passed away or has to stay dead.

Returning characters aren’t all we have to look forward to though as the classic character of Dr. Henry Jekyll will be played by Shazad Latif (‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’) and I’m curious how they will play off the Mr. Hyde transition here. Joining him will be four new actors as Christian Camargo (‘Dexter’) will play Dr. Aelexander Sweet who is a zoologist who becomes friends with Vanessa, Sam Barnett (‘Jupiter Ascending’) who is Dr. Seward’s secretary, Wes Studi (‘Hell On Wheels’) as Kaetenay which will be a new series regular that is friends with Ethan, and finally Jessica Barden (‘Far from the Madding Crowd’) who will be a follower of Lily and Dorian Gray named Justine.

While we’ll see how the rest of the characters play out I am curious to see Dr. Jekyll and hopefully Mr. Hyde show up as he is one of the more interesting characters in classical horror literature.

Are you looking forward to LuPone’s return to ‘Penny Dreadful’? Which new character do you think will be the most interesting to see on screen? Share your thoughts below!

‘Penny Dreadful’ will return in 2016 on Showtime for its third season.

Source: Collider