Whether you believe the rumors of Marvel Comics turning their backs on the Fantastic Four or not, it’s hard to argue with the facts. Though the House of Ideas had nothing to do with the abysmal film from Josh Trank that is currently in theaters, the company has run the team through the ringer as of late. During ‘Secret Wars’ right now, Marvel’s First Family is in shambles. In Battleworld, Doctor Doom has made it so that Susan and Valeria are his family and Reed is currently being chased down by the Thor Corps. As for Ben and Johnny, they’re both in space. However, while the Thing is off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Human Torch is actually trapped on the sun. Following this crossover event, the company will begin its All-New All-Different Marvel initiative. They recently released the first wave of titles from that line and Marvel’s First Family is mysteriously missing their own title. And now to top everything off, it appears that they’re getting evicted from their home as well.

The Marvel solicitations for the late fall have recently been released and it looks like the Baxter Building will be coming under new ownership thanks to Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. With Peter Parker expanding his web-slinging operation worldwide and his original Parker Industries headquarters being destroyed, Spidey will be moving in on the Fantastic Four’s trademark base as his new hub of operations in the pages of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’. But it appears that someone isn’t taking too kindly to this. Check out what’s going on with the cover and description of issue three courtesy of Comic Book Movie:


Written by DAN SLOTT


Cover by ALEX ROSS


• More of Spider-Man’s post-Secret Wars world revealed!

• Visit Parker Industries New York Headquarters, the building formerly known as the Baxter Building! The Human Torch is going to have something to say about that!

32 PGS.

Rated T …$3.99

Despite not having their own ongoing series (for the moment), it’s good to see that we won’t be seeing the last of the Fantastic Four at Marvel Comics. Sure, it probably it’s the not way that FF fans would prefer, but they’re not exactly the only ones mad about it. You might say that Johnny Storm is a little heated over the new occupant of the Baxter Building as well. Or not. But either way, let us know what you think about the new status quo coming to the Marvel Universe in the comments below.