The past year or so has been quite interesting for the development of hoverboards. After years of speculation, rumors and even hoaxes, Lexus has announced that they too have been working on developing a hoverboard.

After releasing a teaser in June, Lexus is finally exhibiting their hoverboard with professional skateboarder Ross McGouran taking on the role of the proverbial Marty McFly.

The hoverboard uses superconductors and magnets to float above ground as well as liquid nitrogen to keep the temperature at a cool -321 degrees.

Similar to the technology being developed by Hendo Hoverboards, the Lexus hoverboard needs a metal sheet underneath it to allow it to float. That being said, this probably doesn’t take away from the bragging rights of riding in (or on) a Lexus.

Take a look at the videos below to see the hoverboard in action.

Source: Wired