If you’re a fan of David S. Goyer’s historical fantasy drama ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’, then we have some good news and some bad news. Late last month, we learned that the Starz series following the early life of Leonardo da Vinci would be ending after its third season airs in October. Though that is some pretty bad news, we finally have a reason why. And on top of that, the network is offering fans the opportunity to binge on the Renaissance Man’s last adventure.

According to Cinemablend, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht spoke about the cancellation of ‘Da Vinici’s Demons’ at the TCA press tour. He revealed that a big reason that the series was dropped is because its audience overlaps with other shows that are pulling in better ratings, so they could stand to let it go:

“We have the success with ‘Black Sails’, which in some ways appeals to some of the same audiences, and while we have a lot of fan boys for ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’, we have what may be the fan boy series of all time in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’.”

Though I don’t really see the connection between Bruce Campbell’s return to one of his most iconic roles and Tom Riley’s eccentric genius, I could see where the network is coming from. Another likely factor is that creator Goyer stepped down as showrunner. Not to discount John Shiban’s achievements on shows such as ‘The X-Files’, ‘Breaking Bad’, and ‘Supernatural’, but Goyer’s involvement was a big draw. Since it was no longer a factor, then Starz had to weigh their options.

But with the bad news comes the good. Albrecht also announced at the Television Critics Association presentation that all of the episodes of the third and final season of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons'(along with the upcoming limited series ‘Flesh and Bone’) would be available to Starz subscribers on Starz Play and Starz On Demand this fall. Just like Netflix’s original programming, all ten episodes will be released at once when the first episode premieres on October 24, 2015. On this new venture for the network, Coming Soon shared that Executive Vice President of Program Planning David Baldwin had this to say:

“The great and passionate followers of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ have been waiting since the spring of last year for new episodes, while the gritty world of ballet as depicted in the ‘Flesh and Bone’ limited series is must-see television for fans of the genre and great television alike. Both series are engaging and well-suited for a binge viewing experiment. In the busy fall television season, we thought this was a terrific benefit for STARZ subscribers who want to get a jump and enjoy the complete series on their own time and schedule, with the first two seasons of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ already available on STARZ PLAY and STARZ ON DEMAND.”

What do you think about Starz’s reasoning for cancelling ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’? Are you sad to see it go? And will you be binge watching the final season when it’s released? Sound off in the comments.